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GBit/S Anti-DDoS
2 Years

Main features of our hosting solutions

Possess several key characteristics to effectively cater to the needs of startups and entrepreneurs, with a focus on robust game hosting services.

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Upgrade your online services instantly with our immediate activation feature. Enjoy quicker service delivery, improved productivity, and better accessibility. Start now!

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At your service 24/7, our dedicated team is augmented by cutting-edge AI assistants, ensuring swift, precise support at any hour.

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We promise nearly perfect server reliability to keep your online operations smooth and your business running without interruptions.

High Performance

Our commitment to innovation means using cutting-edge technology to ensure our products and services are of the highest quality and durability.

Multiple Data Centers

Expand and secure your digital footprint worldwide with our strategically placed data centers, designed for optimal online performance and security.

Money Back Warranty

Not satisfied? Our 7-day money-back guarantee means you can try us risk-free. If you are not happy, get a full refund, no questions asked.

Features OfferedPhotonSpark LogoApexHosting LogoBisectHosting LogoNodeCraft LogoGameServers LogoMCProHosting LogoNitrado Logo
Single Thread CPU Score4,7613,4713,4142,6763,4181,963
Instant Setup
DDoS Protection€6.52/mo
Free MySQL Database
Free Backup Slots€3.79/mo
AI Server Assistant
Free Discord Support
Unlimited Player Slots€1.86/mo
Public Node Stats
Plugin & Mod Installer
Modpack Preinstalls

Table accurate as of April 2024. ❔ Indicates that the host did not display that information. CPU Scores taken from Passmark.

Compares the premium Minecraft hosting plan options from each Host.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting involves multiple websites on one server, sharing resources like RAM and CPU. It is cost-effective for small to medium sites.

Can I upgrade my hosting plan?

Yes, upgrades are available anytime for more resources and features, via our customer portal or support team.

How secure are your servers?

We use firewalls, security protocols, and regular scans to protect against threats, along with strict access controls and encryption.

Do you provide backups?

Yes, we offer automatic, regular backups with easy restoration options for your data safety.

Do you offer Minecraft server hosting?

Yes, we offer high-performance Minecraft server hosting, featuring low latency and extensive mod support for an enhanced gaming experience.

What AI assistant services do you provide?

We provide AI assistant services for automated support and personalized interactions, improving the overall user experience on our platform.