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Starter Cloud

For small projects

2.5 2.08 per month

  • 1 Core
  • 1 Dedicated IP
  • 1 GB Memory
  • 8 GB Storage
  • +99% Uptime

Deluxe Cloud

For resource-intensive operations

80 66.6 per month

  • 16 Cores
  • 2 Dedicated IPs
  • 8 GB Memory
  • 256 GB Storage
  • +99% Uptime
Package CPU Ram Disk Connectivity Price Setup Fee
Package nameCopper Plan CPU1 Core Ram1 GB Disk8 GB Connectivity1GBit/s Price€2.5 monthly€25 yearly Setup Fee€0 Order Now
Package nameCopper+ Plan CPU1 Core RAM2 GB Disk16 GB Connectivity1GBit/s Price€5 monthly€50 yearly Setup Fee€0 Order Now
Package nameBronze Plan CPU2 Cores RAM4 GB Disk32 GB Connectivity1GBit/s Price€10 monthly€100 yearly Setup Fee€0 Order Now
Package nameBronze+ Plan CPU4 Cores RAM8 GB Disk64 GB Connectivity1GBit/s Price€20 monthly€200 yearly Setup Fee€0 Order Now
Package nameSilver Plan CPU8 Cores RAM16 GB Disk128 GB Connectivity1GBit/s Price€40 monthly€400 yearly Setup Fee€0 Order Now
Package nameSilver+ Plan CPU16 Cores RAM32 GB Disk256 GB Connectivity1GBit/s Price€80 monthly€800 yearly Setup Fee€0 Order Now
Package nameGold Plan CPU32 Cores RAM64 GB Disk512 GB Connectivity1GBit/s Price€160 monthly€1600 yearly Setup Fee€0 Order Now
Package namePlatinum Plan CPU32 Cores RAM128 GB Disk1 TB Connectivity1GBit/s Price€300 monthly€3000 yearly Setup Fee€0 Order Now
Why us?

Features that brings maximum power for your needs.

Dedicated Internet

We can offer a dedicated internet line to support your machines' needs. This service guarantees a stable and consistent connection, which is crucial for businesses that rely on seamless data transfer for their operations.

+99% Server Uptime

Achieving a server uptime of 99% or higher ensures that your online business or services are always available to customers, while avoiding lost revenue and productivity due to service interruptions.

Multiple Data Centers

We utilize multiple data centers to ensure the availability and security of your data. By distributing our servers across multiple locations, we are able to provide remote backups and redundancy.

Daily Data Backup

We offer customizable backup solutions to meet the unique needs of your VPS. Our system can be configured to perform full VPS backups on a daily basis or even more frequently, as per your requirement.

Do You Have

Any Questions?

How do I get started with web hosting?

To commence your web hosting journey, kindly select a plan that aligns with your requirements from our offerings. Additionally, if necessary, please acquire a domain. Once the above steps have been completed, kindly proceed to update your domain nameservers to "" and "" .Then, log in to our website manager panel to manage your website. Should you require any assistance, please feel free to submit a ticket.

What is a DDoS attack? How can i protect my website?

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a malicious attempt to disrupt the normal traffic of a targeted server, service or network by overwhelming the target or its surrounding infrastructure with a flood of Internet traffic. This is achieved by utilizing a variety of methods such as botnets and amplification attacks. To safeguard your website from such threats, you may consider obtaining a hosting plan from us that offers DDoS protection by default. Fortunately, all of our plans offer DDoS protection for free. Additionally, you can ask us for the possibility of customizing a DDoS protection solution that aligns with your specific hosting needs. Some of these solutions may require the integration of third-party service providers.

What kind of web hosting do I need?

If you require hosting for a static page or a WordPress website, our standard plan will suffice. For specialized hosting needs, such as secure hosting, it is recommended to consult with our team prior to purchasing to determine if we can accommodate your specific requirements.

Why do I need a domain name?

A domain name serves as a unique and easily identifiable address for your website on the internet. It serves as a way for users to access your website through a human-readable and memorable string of characters, rather than a series of numbers (IP address) that are difficult to remember and share. Additionally, a domain name provides a level of professionalism and credibility for your website and can help to establish your brand online. A domain name also offers the ability to create custom email addresses that are linked to your domain, which can further enhance your online presence and communication efforts. In short, a domain name is essential for creating a memorable and professional online presence for your website.

Is my website protected from hackers?

All plans have a good security that will prevent malicious attacks but for websites that are at a higher risk of being targeted by malicious actors, we offer a customized web hosting solution that prioritizes security and is tailored to meet your specific needs. This solution utilizes the most up-to-date and secure industry standards and is implemented on dedicated infrastructure that is not shared with other clients. As this type of hosting is highly specialized and resource-intensive, it is offered as a custom plan and may require additional investment. It should be noted that security is of paramount importance in this plan, and all necessary measures will be taken to ensure the integrity and protection of your website and data.

How do I backup my website?

To create a one-time backup of your website, navigate to the file manager, select the necessary folders, and utilize the "compress" function located at the top of the page. From there, you may download the backup. For daily backups, you may utilize a cron job. In the event that you are unable to do so, please submit a ticket to our support team for assistance in resolving your backup needs.

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