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VDS CPU Ram Disk DDOS Backups Price
Package name1 CPU1 Core Ram1 GB Disk8 GB DDOSPROTECTED Backups1 Price$5 monthly$30 yearly Order Now
Package name2 CPU1 Core Ram2 GB Disk16 GB DDOSPROTECTED Backups1 Price$10 monthly$60 yearly Order Now
Package name3 CPU2 Cores Ram4 GB Disk32 GB DDOSPROTECTED Backups1 Price$20 monthly$120 yearly Order Now
Package name4 CPU4 Cores Ram8 GB Disk64 GB DDOSPROTECTED Backups2 Price$40 monthly$240 yearly Order Now
Package name5 CPU8 Cores Ram16 GB Disk128 GB DDOSPROTECTED Backups2 Price$80 monthly$480 yearly Order Now
Package name6 CPU16 Cores Ram32 GB Disk256 GB DDOSPROTECTED Backups2 Price$160 monthly$960 yearly Order Now
Package name7 CPU32 Cores Ram64 GB Disk512 GB DDOSPROTECTED Backups3 Price$320 monthly$960 yearly Order Now
Package name8 CPU32 Cores Ram128 GB Disk1024 GB DDOSPROTECTED Backups3 Price$500 monthly$960 yearly Order Now

How It Works

Easy hosting made simple: streamlined steps for a company. Confirmation of Partnership with Victory Hosting.

  • Select Plan

    Selecting the right hosting plan for the success of your company. Tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Security

    Your attention to security is duly noted. Ensuring robust measures throughout the planning process, tailored precisely to your needs.

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    Take the first step towards creating your website and reaching a wider audience by registering today.

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    We offer a variety of secure payment methods to make your payment process convenient and hassle-free.

Usual Questions

How do I get started with web hosting?

Look for reputable web hosting providers that offer easy-to-use interfaces and beginner-friendly features. Consider factors such as affordability, customer support, uptime guarantees, and user reviews.

What is difference for each plan?

There are different types of hosting available, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, or cloud hosting. Each type offers different levels of resources, control, and scalability. Choose the type that best matches your website's needs and budget.

What kind of web hosting do I need?

Evaluate the requirements of your website, including expected traffic, storage space, bandwidth, databases, and any specific software or scripting languages you use. Understanding your needs will guide you in selecting a suitable hosting plan.

Why do I need domain name?

A domain name serves as your unique online identity. It allows you to create a recognizable and memorable brand for your website or business. Having a domain name makes it easier for users to find and remember your website.

How my website protected from hackers?

Regularly update your website's software, including the content management system (CMS), plugins, themes, and any other applications used. Updates often include security patches that address vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers.

How do I backup my website?

Our hosting have backup and disaster recovery mechanisms in place to safeguard data in the event of data loss, hardware failures, or disasters. Regular backups and redundant storage systems help ensure data integrity and availability.