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Our Edge

Photon Spark servers are powered by top-notch technology for the ultimate Minecraft experience.

  • Powerful CPU

    i9 13900ks at 5.6Ghz ensures smooth performance.

  • Fast RAM

    DDR5 5200Mhz RAM for efficient data processing.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

    Enjoy gameplay without data caps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hardware do you use for Minecraft servers?

We use DDR5 5200Mhz RAM and i9 13900ks at 5.6Ghz for top performance and smooth gameplay.

How do you provide support?

We offer 24/7 support through Discord, powered by AI, for quick and efficient help anytime.

What's special about your game control panel?

Our custom panel makes managing your Minecraft server easy, with intuitive controls for game settings, mods, and more.

How do you protect servers from DDoS attacks?

Our Minecraft servers come with the best 3072 GBIT/S ANTI-DDOS protection to keep your game online and safe from attacks.

Do you offer a free MySQL database?

Yes, every server includes a free MySQL database for efficient data management and enhanced functionality.

Can I manage server access for my team?

Yes, our support for subusers lets you easily assign roles and manage permissions for efficient teamwork.